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Hayyy guise …

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Kenneth’s reaction to Wayne winning Best Actor again.

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Deanie Ip doesn’t know who Kenneth Ma is

I can’t tell if she’s being serious or not, but it was super hilarious!
I mean, there were news a while ago that they would be collaborating soon in a Wong Jing TVB drama.  I love how Kenneth is holding onto the award like his life depended on it or something.  And he looks so happy!  Pretty sure he knew he wasn’t getting Best Actor as he said that he was getting ready to congratulate Raymond Lam, but Wayne surprisingly won instead.  Kenneth has the best reactions/facial expressions; just looking at him makes me smile!

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The best hug, between Yat Kin Tou & Yu Jai!!

Zoom in of Kenneth’s shock state when Wayne got his award XD

*Reason why Kenneth looked so surprised was because, He was going to congratulate Raymond for being the TV King but they announced Wayne instead. That’s why he was so shocked.

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Best Actress 2012: Tavia Yeung
I never thought I could stand here because the whole time, I thought I was 選情告急.  I sincerely want to thank the Hong Kong audience that voted for me.  The road these past ten years have been very hard, but I never gave up.  Thank you TVB for giving me this award.  I think I need to speak faster… Thank you 珍姐 and Tommy for giving me so many opportunities; you two are my 伯樂.  Thank you to all the producers that have casted me.   Thank you Chong Wai Kin (producer of SSSS) and 歐小姐 for giving me a great role. I don’t even know what I’m saying right now.  It’s so hard to stand on this stage; there’s a lot of people I want to thank. Thank you to my manager for supporting me these past 10 years, my assistant, my family, and especially my mother.  There’s only person—my mom—that would always tell me: Tavia, your acting is the best.  No matter what roles you do, your acting is the best.  Thank you mommy.  Tonight, you will be very proud of me.  Thank you TVB 13th Artiste Training Class. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be here today, so I really want thank TVB for giving me the opportunity.  You guys watching me on TV right now would be very happy for me.  And I want to thank you Liza.  Because when I was signing management contracts, she’s the one who told me that it is a necessity to get it signed because it will give you a lot of opportunities.  I really hope that one day I will be able to be like Liza and keep on shining.  Thank you.

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Tavia’s reaction was the best and most touching moment out of the entire award show.  I hate that I’m reading about how the awards were “rigged” online, and that Charmaine deserves it more than Tavia.  They both equally deserve it; there’s a lot of other actresses that deserve it “acting” wise, but if you include other factors, Tavia deserve it the most this year.  She came such a long way—from TVB Artiste Training, to Most Improved (2003), to BSA (2008), FFC (2009), and now, BA.  Even though she was super sick while on set for TOT and SSSS, she had no complaints and still did an exceptional job filming.  That professional work attitude is something to be commended for.  Everyone above rooted for her (not sure about Kevin Cheng though).  The hugs that made the moment so much more emotional for me was from Elena, Mary, and Linda Chung.  Keep up the good work, Tavia.  
Always be rooting for you ♥

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